Becoming a User

To become a College Board Search user, complete the Request Access Form. You will be asked which services you want to access. Available services include:

Choose one or any combination of services. If you need help deciding which are right for you, view the service comparison chart in this guide.

If you need assistance with the request process, contact us at 1-866-499-5357 or send us an email.

College Board Professional Accounts

A College Board Professional account gives you access to many College Board programs and services and is required for access to College Board Search. If you don’t have an account, we will create one for you. You can also create your own account and then provide your username on the College Board Search Request Access Form.


In order to protect students’ interests, College Board Search access is limited to institutions and organizations that meet certain requirements. The eligibility requirements and authentication procedures vary:

  • Higher education institutions are authenticated and their accounts activated as soon as possible. No documentation is required.
  • Eligible 501(c)(3) scholarship institutions and educational opportunity organizations, higher education consortia, and vendors/consultants are required to provide documentation. College Board Search Customer Service will contact you with a checklist of items to provide.

After you submit your Request Access Form, we will confirm your eligibility and activate your account as soon as possible, usually within 1–2 business days.


If you are a current College Board Search user interested in exploring one of the options you do not have access to, email us or contact your regional educational manager.