A College Board Search consortium is a group of higher education institutions in which each member is qualified to use College Board Search based on its own credentials. Consortium names licensed are governed by the policies described here.

Consortia may use names licensed through Student Search Service® only to promote their members equally within the body of each student communication (rather than promoting one member in one communication, then another member in a subsequent communication).

The Consortium Agreement

The College Board Search Consortium Agreement is the document each member and lead must sign to qualify as a consortium. The agreement describes eligibility and usage policies, and allows one member from each consortium to be designated as the lead. The lead must gather and return all member agreements to College Board Search Customer Service. The agreement expires December 31 and must be renewed annually.

The Consortium Lead

The lead is the single College Board Search user within the consortium designated to place Student Search Service orders and is responsible for payment of fees. The lead must provide an exact rendition of the intended communication and the most recent communication (if applicable) before the first Student Search Service order can be fulfilled.

Another lead responsibility is coordinating the yearly renewal of the Consortium Agreement:

  • Leads will be sent reauthorization reminders via email prior to December 31.
  • The reminder will include a link to the agreement or an attachment containing it.
  • Leads must print the agreement and distribute it to all members.
  • Leads must return all signed agreements, an exact rendition of one of the intended communications for the upcoming year, and a copy of the most recent communication (if applicable) to College Board Search Customer Service in one single dispatch before the consortium is renewed.

Consortium Members

Consortium members should be aware of the following:

  • Each member account must be current — i.e., not past due more than 120 days — and remain current in order for the consortium account to be approved.
  • The consortium account will be inactivated if one member is past due more than 120 days.
  • Members must sign the agreement and return it to their consortium lead promptly.
  • Members may not use College Board Search data acquired by the consortium unless the student has responded to the consortium communication indicating an interest in the individual member.