Student Search Service® eligibility is established at two levels: organization and program.  Eligibility criteria are described below.  Organizations and programs applying for a Student Search account may be required to provide evidence of compliance with any of the eligibility conditions set forth below.

Organization Eligibility Requirements

Organizations seeking a Student Search account must qualify under one of four categories: Higher Education, Scholarship, Education/Access, or Consortium.   Following are the eligibility requirements for each category.

Higher Education Organization

  • Be an accredited college or university at the college level by an agency or association recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education. See the complete list at
  • Offer degree programs at the 2-year degree level or higher

Scholarship Organization

  • Hold 501(c)3 status
  • Provide a scholarship as its primary activity, which may be disbursed directly to students (no requirement to disburse directly to a post-secondary institution)
  • Not require membership fees for scholarship consideration
  • Be eligible under IRS NTEE Code “B82-Scholarships, Student Financial Aid Services, Awards” (if not, additional website review will be required)

Education or Access Organizations

  • Hold 501(c)3 status or be sponsored by a government entity
  • Promote access or enhance readiness for postsecondary education
  • Provide material alignment with the College Board’s mission
  • Be eligible under IRS NTEE Code “B80 – Student Services, Organizations of Students”, “B90 – Educational Services and Schools – Other”, "B99 – Education N.E.C”, “O50 – Youth Development Programs, Other”, “O99 – Youth Development N.E.C”; if not, additional website review will be required


  • A College Board Student Search Consortium is a group of organizations in which each member is qualified to hold a Student Search account based on its own credentials 
  • Consortium members may designate a vendor/service provider to lead execution of the recruitment program on behalf and at the behest of the Consortium (See vendor section for Vendor guidelines)
  • Consortium members shall promote each of their programs equally in all communications/material sent to students


  • Vendors are third parties working on behalf of a Student Search account holder to provide designated services for the account holder
  • Vendors are not eligible to hold a Student Search account
  • Vendors must sign a College Board third-party agreement to act on behalf of the Student Search account holder
  • Vendor employees, staff, consultants (“Personnel”) are considered authorized users of the Student Search account holder when accessing Search and must act on behalf and at the behest of the account holder
  • Vendor Personnel are subject to the College Board Search Terms and Conditions
  • Student Search account holders are responsible for vendor access to their accounts
  • College Board staff are not permitted to create vendor access to any Student Search account

Student Search Service Program Eligibility for participating, eligible organizations

Approved organizations must use Student Search Service to provide information to students on an approved program(s).  Following are the eligible programs that organizations are permitted to offer to students:

Higher Education Organization

  • Accredited 2-year degree programs and higher
  • Credit-bearing course programs that may or may not be associated with a degree program (all courses must provide proof of college-level credit by providing proof of credit on the granting institution’s official transcripts or ACE certification)

Scholarship Organization

  • Scholarships programs that fund secondary or postsecondary education and/or activities

Education or Access Organization

  • Programs which enhance a student’s ability to access postsecondary education and that demonstrates commitment to access and equity for all students
  • Commitment to access and equity will be evaluated on the following factors:

                   Type of service provided within the program

  • Funding model for providing the program
  • Program beneficiaries
  • Program partnership with an education or government entity
  • College Board membership (not required)
  • Campus Based Organization affiliation (as listed with the Coalition for College’s CCID Directory, Common App, or NACAC)
  • Approval to distribute College Board fee waiver


  • Accredited 2-year degrees or higher provided that all programs are represented equally in student outreach
  • Scholarship programs provided that all programs are represented equally in student outreach

Account setup and requirements for eligible organizations and programs

  • Eligible organizations are granted access to set up a College Board Student Search Account once eligibility for the organization and its program(s) have been confirmed.
  • If an approved organization operates or sponsors multiple eligible programs, each program shall be established as a separate department linked to the College Board Search account.
  • Approved organizations are required to submit information attesting to their continued eligibility on an annual basis for each of their program(s). 
  • Account holders must immediately notify College Board staff of any organization or program changes by emailing
  • Any approved organization or program that is found to be in violation of the eligibility requirements shall be immediately terminated.