Usage Policies

Student Search Service® is a voluntary program designed to connect students to educational and scholarship opportunities. The College Board recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy rights of students and has developed usage policies to ensure the integrity of the service in creating access to postsecondary opportunities and expanding students' college horizons. The policies below govern the appropriate and limited use of College Board Search data and student outreach by College Board Search account holders.

Any violation of the College Board Search Usage Policies or the Terms & Conditions may result in immediate termination of a College Board Search account.

College Board Search Usage Policies

College Board Search Data Use

  • College Board Search data may only be used for the following educational and non-commercial purposes: enrollment management; student recruitment; and the dissemination of information about admissions, financial aid and eligible educational and college access programs and opportunities.
  • College Board Search data can only be used to recruit students and manage enrollment in connection with educational, college access or scholarship programs that your organization offers or sponsors.
  • Users shall adhere to generally accepted ethical standards set forth by NACAC in the recruitment of students, and comply with all applicable laws related to electronic and direct-mail marketing, including the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation of 2018.
  • Users will not disclose College Board Search data to third parties except for approved vendors performing contract services for users in the context of implementing enrollment management and student recruitment operations.
  • Users may share College Board Search data with their branch campuses only if they obtain student consent to do so via the user's initial correspondence to the student.
  • College Board Search Data shall never be used to:
    • Promote test or assessment preparation courses or materials, except those offered by the College Board or in partnership with College Board.
    • Discriminate against potential applicants on the basis of race, religion, creed, national origin, age, sex, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, veteran status or a disabling condition. Users may use College Board Search Data in connection with a legally valid program that takes such characteristics into account in furtherance of attaining a diverse student body.
    • Conduct surveys or market research.
  • In all College Board Search communications, Users must include a statement identifying Student Search Service® as their or one of their sources for student contact information. Our research indicates higher response rates to mailings that identify Student Search Service® by name than those that do not.
  • Communications must offer a reasonably quick and simple method for opting out of future communications.
  • Users will not imply that a student is recommended by the College Board and will not include the word (or form of the word) "nominate" in communications.
  • Users will not use language that implies, refers to or otherwise conveys that the user has received a student’s specific test score(s). Users will not use language that disparages the College Board or any of its assessments.
  • Users may consult College Board Staff to confirm that their proposed communication complies with College Board Search Outreach and Communications Requirements by emailing

Additional Conditions to the use of College Board Search and College Board Search Data

  • Before submitting an order for College Board Search data, users are required to acknowledge that they accept the College Board Search Terms & Conditions. By accepting the terms and conditions, users are indicating that their organization will use College Board Search data in strict compliance with College Board policies and guidelines.
  • Users will not remove College Board seeded names from their downloaded orders. Seeded name "Pat Belever" is included in all downloadable Student Search output files and must receive all first contact communications. There is no fee for seeded names. Emails and mail communications received by seeded names are reviewed for compliance with College Board Search policies and terms.