Usage Policies

College Board Search data can be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes. Any violation of the College Board Search Authorized Usage Policies or the Terms & Conditions may result in immediate termination of a College Board Search account.

College Board Search Authorized Usage Policies

  • College Board Search users must limit their use of search data to enrollment management; student recruitment; and the dissemination of information about admissions, financial aid and special academic programs and opportunities.
  • College Board Search can only be used to recruit students and manage enrollment in connection with educational or scholarship programs that your institution offers; or to inform them of a campus-based educational opportunity that enhances a student's ability to attend college and provides college credit that is transferrable to accredited institutions.
  • Users shall adhere to generally accepted ethical standards in the recruitment of students.
  • Information provided by College Board Search may not be used to promote test or assessment preparation courses or materials of any kind.
  • Users will not use names provided by College Board Search to discriminate against potential applicants on the basis of race, religion, creed, national origin, age, sex, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, veteran status or a disabling condition. Users may use names provided by College Board Search in connection with a legally valid program that takes such characteristics into account in furtherance of attaining a diverse student body.
  • Users will not use College Board Search data to conduct surveys or market research.
  • Users must comply with all applicable laws related to electronic and direct-mail marketing to minors, including the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (.pdf/271KB) and the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (.pdf/127KB).
  • Users must include in all College Board Search communications a statement identifying College Board Search as their list source. Our research indicates higher response rates to mailings that identify Student Search Service® by name than those that do not.
  • Users must offer recipients a quick and simple method for opting-out of future communications.
  • Users will not remove College Board seeded names from their downloaded orders.
  • Users will not imply that a student is recommended by the College Board and will not include the word (or form of the word) "nominate" in communications.
  • Users will not use language that implies, refers to or otherwise conveys the message that a student’s specific test score(s) were received.
  • Before submitting an order for names, users are required to acknowledge that they accept the College Board Search Terms & Conditions. By accepting the terms and conditions, users assure College Board Search that their institutions will use the search data they receive in strict compliance with our guidelines, and that they respect the agreement the College Board makes with students who voluntarily consent to let College Board Search send their data to search users. Clicking the “Accept” button when you order online acts as your signature.
  • Users will not disclose College Board Search data to third parties for any commercial purposes at any time, neither from their original output, nor from their response pool.
  • Users may share College Board Search data with branch campuses only if they obtain student consent to do so via the user's initial correspondence to the student.
  • In addition to the above, users must comply with the College Board Search Terms & Conditions.