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Compare Services
Student Search Service®Enrollment Planning Service™Segment Analysis Service™
Find Students
Research students (limited criteria)  
Research students (all criteria)   
License names   
Save searches  
College Board public reports
Access to interactive online support
Access to live support center help
Out-of-the-box dashboards  
Customized charts  
Customized reports   
Contextualized maps  
Executive summary reports for most recent graduating class   
Historical executive summary reports   
Data Analysis
High school enrollment projections
Analyze most recent class  
Profiles of states, geomarkets and high schools   
Analyze historical data from last five graduating classes   
Plan travel with guided queries   
Research high schools with guided queries   
Conduct competitive analysis with guided queries   
Advanced descriptive data
Historical tagging and reporting for current year  
Historical tagging and reporting up to three years   
Neighborhood and high school clusters in search criteria and data output  ✓*
Tag files with Segment Analysis Service clusters  ✓**
Access Segment Analysis Service cluster factor data   
*Tagging on a per-name basis for search orders that use cluster criteria
**Tagging on a per-name basis