Enrollment Planning Service™

Enrollment Planning Service is an analysis and reporting service that enables admission professionals to better understand the student market and the lists they license with Student Search Service. Enrollment Planning Service precisely locates students — both within the United States and abroad — who meet admission criteria and are likely to succeed at a particular institution. Enrollment Planning Service also informs better and more strategic recruitment activities based on a wide range of criteria including geography, demographics, academic preparation, and educational aspirations.

With Enrollment Planning Service, admission leaders will get access to a full range of analytic tools ideal for powerful data and analysis to build a more strategic plan and execute the range of activities that lead to the full realization of an institution's enrollment goals. Enrollment Planning Service allows users to:

  • Access detailed reports that provide an extensive profile and market-specific information about their SAT score senders for each of the past five admission cycles.
  • View three-year projections of public high school graduates by state and geomarket.
  • Query information on the last five graduating classes, plus the four classes of students currently in high school, using the criteria available in Student Search Service plus additional criteria.
  • Leverage profiles of College Board test-takers for all states, geomarkets, and high schools.
  • Perform directed queries focused on planning travel, researching high schools, and analyzing the competition.
  • Save and tag reports.

To learn more about Enrollment Planning Service ordering, please contact your College Board higher education manager or one of our College Board regional offices. If you are ready to order now, please use our Request Access online form.