Pricing & Payment Policies

Topics covered here include College Board Search pricing, payment methods, overdue payments and locked accounts.


College Board Search pricing is tiered based on the level of service chosen. The chart below provides an overview of costs for the three different search services. College Board Search pricing is subject to change each year on September 1. For more information on pricing, email us or call 1-866-499-5357. The current price for Student Search Service transactional names is $0.45 per name until August 31, 2019.

The prices in the chart below are effective September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020.

Service Tier Price
Student Search Service® *
Transactional Names
Per name $0.47 per name
Enrollment Planning Service™
Annual Subscription
Unlimited $7,710
Segment Analysis Service™
Annual Subscription
Lite $4,995 + $0.13 per tagged record
Unlimited $17,750

*Student Search Service fees include email addresses and unlimited list usage. It also includes service features that are typically chargeable extras on commercial marketing lists. Data files are available to re-download, at no cost, for up to a year from submit date. If you wish to gain access to older data files, contact College Board Search and provide specific order numbers. Liability is limited to the fees actually paid for a Student Search Service order; we will not reimburse mailing costs incurred as a result of user error.

Payment Policies

Consolidated billing is the automatic default for all Search orders. The consolidated invoice will include all costs incurred for Search orders during the previous month and will be sent at the beginning of the subsequent month.

Consolidated invoices will be sent to the billing address at the department level of your organization; i.e., one organization with multiple departments will have a consolidated invoice sent to each department.

We accept credit cards, purchase orders and checks for payment. At this time, we are unable to accept purchase cards. You may wish to consult with your finance office regarding potential dollar amount limits – individual invoices paid separately may be well below your credit card threshold, but combined invoices may exceed your credit card limit.

You may elect to opt-out of consolidated billing by contacting us at 1-866-499-5357 or email College Board Search. If you opt-out of consolidated billing, you will receive an invoice within seven days of order delivery.

Credit Cards

All users will receive an invoice with the option to pay by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

  • Follow the instructions on the invoice to provide your credit card information to us by secure fax; we do not accept credit card information over the phone.
  • You may pay for your Search invoice through our online store (you will need your customer number, invoice number, date of the invoice and order number - all included on the invoice)

Please email Electronic Payments if you encounter any issues.

Purchase Orders

If your organization requires purchase orders, you will have an opportunity to enter the purchase order number before you submit your order. The purchase order must be made payable to The College Board and include payment for the entire amount.

Purchase orders should be mailed to: The College Board, Attn: College Board Search, 11955 Democracy Drive, Reston, VA 20190.


Make checks payable to The College Board and mail to: The College Board, Attn: College Board Search — Accounts Payable, P.O. Box 30171, New York, NY 10087-0171. Checks MUST include your order or invoice number to insure your account is credited properly.

Payment Terms

Full payment is due 30 days after your invoice is sent. If your account is over 90 days past due, it will be inactivated (locked) and no further orders will be processed until full payment is received. If any member of a consortium has an outstanding balance overdue by 90 days or more, orders for the consortium will not be processed until that member pays in full. Repeated late payments may lead to your account being placed on a "pay-in-advance" status.

All users are liable for payment in full for any order processed and delivered, even if the order is not used for any reason, including canceling an order after submission. Users are also liable for payment in full for any output resulting from errors they made when they ordered.

Locked Accounts

If your account balance remains unpaid for over 90 days, your account will be inactivated (locked) with no access to College Board Search. Processed data files are also inaccessible while the account is locked. Reinstatement will be granted once all past due amounts are paid. Email College Board Search or call 1-866-499-5357 for assistance with locked accounts.