Meet College Board Search

College Board Search is an integrated enrollment solution comprising three services designed to help institutions find students, focus recruitment strategies and improve marketing ROI.

  • Student Search Service® is the largest, most effective admission search database in the U.S., connecting millions of test-takers with colleges, universities and nonprofit educational organizations.
  • Enrollment Planning Service™ is a set of strategic analysis and reporting features that taps into Search’s historical database of 15 million test-takers.
  • Segment Analysis Service™ is a powerful data enrichment and tagging service that helps institutions identify promising prospective students by providing information about where students live and where they go to high school. View the Segment Analysis Service Overview (.pdf/1.8MB) for detailed information.

Learn about the variety of available services and subscription levels, eligibility, pricing and free workshops. If you’re already a user, sign in to see the full Support section, including the Quick-Start Guide, the comprehensive Beyond the Basics and more.

The Data

Learn more about the student data — collected from a nationwide pool of SAT, AP, PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10 test-takers — that powers College Board Search.


To protect students’ interests, College Board Search access is limited to institutions and organizations that meet certain eligibility requirements. Go to Becoming a User for all the details, including usage policies, consortia agreements and vendor access.

Tiered Pricing

College Board Search pricing is based on the level of service chosen. Go to Pricing & Payment Policies for an overview of costs for the three different search services.

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